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Make a bucket list of your art goals. Think about the most basic questions that you might get: Want to give your art more time, and leave the marketing and promotional hassles to someone else.

Writing An Artist Biography

Tips on using your sketchbook. Unfortunately, staring at a blank page trying to condense your art career into a paragraph or two is anything but. No doubt — but an important balance to keep in mind. While there are a number of documents that an artist needs to have, one of the most important and effective ones is a carefully crafted artist profile that describes your work as well as your artistic philosophy.

Were you born in the center of New York City, but have always longed for a countryside lifestyle. This is the one task about which all artists can agree: Give lessons in drawing and painting techniques and procedures. Less than a week after our return, we were on the verge of being kicked out and having to look for jobs.

To do that, you need more than just a good story—you need to be able to tell that story in an effective, engaging and concise manner.

There is a long list of necessary and optional documents and exhibition materials, like an Artist StatementBusiness Cardsa Portfolio and so on.

50 Terrific Topics to Write About for Your Art Blog

Each short paragraph - two to three max - should be succinct and flow easily into the next. Whether you have an adventure story or something low-key, tell your story in a way that we can relate to.

Memories from art school. Write a post about your favorite pet. Has your art been therapeutic. How often do you create art. How do you explain your art to others. Who is your mentor and what did they teach you. Your favorite art galleries and museums. Talk about the music you play in the background while painting.

The same goes for artists. How to make your studio safe. Luckily, we are here to help. Talk about some of your favorite art blogs. How do you handle criticism. Baker puts it bluntly: What art books do you recommend and what did you learn.

Sign Up for Free Here. How do you explain your art to others. This post is also available in: Take a poll of your art blog readers.

You might even need to rewrite it one or more times. Tips on using your sketchbook. Why do you need to write Your Artist’s Biography?

You need a well-written artist’s biography to Promote your art on your website and blog on the “About the Artist” page. How to write a killer artist bio. January 17, November 25, Michael Whether they come directly from the artist or from a blog post or newspaper article, quotes bring a bio to life and give it a unique feel and flavor.

don’t automatically have. I’ve gotten some of the worst crap I’ve ever read from artists who write their. Tagged with: expert advice for artists, art advice blog, artist statement, advice for artists, how to write your artist statement, art advice, best of Post navigation Previous story Building A Sustainable Art Career.

50 Terrific Topics to Write About for Your Art Blog. Art Marketing; Business & Money; Social Media; You are sitting at your table, defeated, just staring at a blank computer screen.

You are trying to come up with new topics for your artist blog. For Other Artists: Use your blog posts to build credibility as an artist and as an expert in. For Other Artists: Use your blog posts to build credibility as an artist and as an expert in your craft.

Not only will other artists appreciate your advice, but potential buyers will admire your knowledge and dedication to your art career.

Art blogging: How to write a fantastic blog post. Category winforlifestats.com, The It is sometimes helpful to picture your ideal blog reader and write for that individual person; this can give your writing a more personal tone, which in turn will keep people involved.

For artists who document their work and process, they provide an.

Write about artists blog
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