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What careers can you do with an English literature degree?

The curriculum would also focus on the scientific method, history, and modern literature as well as more traditional classes. How long could it take to complete a Masters degree in English online. All four components listening, writing, speaking, reading must be examined and detailed on results slip IGCSE: Participants in this type of program typically take core courses and then, might work with an advisor to shape the rest of their degree plan through multiple electives.

Students in this course could learn some key features of psychoanalytic criticism, Marxism, feminism, structuralism and post-structuralism.

Research and Application 4. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports two-thirds of writers and authors were self-employed in The school remained under the Christian Broadcast University name for the following thirteen years. The school operated for the next eight years, eventually shutting down and then reopening two years later in as the Oklahoma Military Academy.

Here's a look at the career growth for some common choices of English majors, but students should remember their skills may be transferrable to a number of jobs.

How did the age of exploration impact the world How did the age of exploration impact the world michelangelo family. This program is available entirely online and does not require any visits to the Southern New Hampshire University campus.

What’s the difference: English vs. Creative Writing?

Transfer credits are accepted but not required. By eliminating the overhead related to on-campus college experiences, colleges are able to cut costs and pass those savings on to students. Transfer credits are accepted into this program but they are not required. This degree is ideal for students seeking preparation for PhD work or community college teaching in literature, and for secondary teachers and others seeking additional training in literary studies.

For instance, high school English teaching, middle school English teaching, AP teaching, two and four-year college teaching, or dual-enrollment programs. This program is available entirely online and does not require any visits to the Old Dominion University campus.

Over 4, students attend the school currently.

English literature

Grant writing, scientific and technical, or creative writing may be on some menus. Currently eight-hundred students are enrolled at the school. Bachelor's degree programs in English The curriculum for four-year degrees is designed to help students learn how to communicate effectively.

Now a full-fledged college, the school experienced rapid growth over the coming decades. Finally, on March 1st,the school was renamed to Missouri State University.

This program is available entirely online and does not require students to visit the Regent University campus to complete their studies.

But, since this is a non-vocational subject, students may want to consider gaining work experience during their studies — a good way to get a feel for different options, and often an essential asset when it comes to applying for graduate jobs.

Through this program students will study a variety of different literary genres as well as types of literature. Through the power of online degree programs, students are able to study at whatever college they like, regardless of location.

English, Writing, and Literature Majors and Potential Jobs

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Preview other sample courses below, then read through school course lists to find a syllabus that sounds exciting. Not all roles in business are based entirely on numbers, of course. Northwestern is a regionally ranked institution, according to U. Transfer credits are accepted but not required for this degree.

Catherine of Alexandria, an Egyptian philosopher who was killed for her faith. This is an astute, and often sophisticated, essay which makes its arguments cogently. One of its strengths is that you are making excellent use of citation both to support your points but also to move your argument along (for example, see double ticks on pp).

Read our English Literature degree guide for all the information on the subject area, why you should study it, and what careers you can hope to go into after your degree is over Whatuni uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience.

The Master of Liberal Arts, Creative Writing and Literature degree field consists of 12 courses.A one-week, on-campus writer’s residency is required. 12 Graduate Courses.

The degree is customizable.

Bachelor's in English Literature

Within the program curriculum, you choose the creative writing and literature courses that meet your personal learning goals. Students earning their English degree online complete a minimum of 74 quarter credits, split between a credit program core; 27 credits of writing electives; and 15.

Another brand of Masters in English programs is a Master of Arts in English with an Emphasis in Education. Some core elements of a MA in English/Education might include pedagogy at the university level, teaching writing and literature, practice of professional writing and theories of writing and rhetoric.

The Department of English requires an undergraduate major in English or its equivalent with a minimum GPA of Cumulative grade point average. The Graduate College requires a GPA of or better in the last two years of work leading to the bachelor's degree and the recommendation of the academic unit in which the applicant plans to study.

English literature degree essays
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