Ekphrasis writing about art is like dancing

Writing About Music is Like Dancing About Architecture

At one point in the novel, Nastasya, too, describes a painting of Christ, her own imaginary work that portrays Christ with a child, an image which naturally evokes comparison between the image of the dead Christ.

The Earth, Sea, Sky, Moon and the Cosmos —89 Two cities — one where a wedding and a trial are taking place, and one that is considered to be Troy, due to the battle occurring inside the city —40 A field that is being ploughed —49 The home of a King where the harvest is being reaped —60 A vineyard that is being harvested —72 A herd of cattle that is being attacked by two lions, while the Herdsman and his dogs try to scare the lions off the prize bull —86 A sheep farm —89 A scene with young men and women dancing — The mighty Ocean as it encircles the shield — The Odyssey [ edit ] Although not written as elaborately as previous examples of ekphrastic poetry, from lines — the belt of Herakles is described as having "marvelous works," [10] such as animals with piercing eyes and hogs in a grove of trees.

The Little White Girlhinted at only by the poem's subtitle, "Verses Written under a Picture"; and Robert Browning 's My Last Duchesswhich although a dramatic monologueincludes some description by the Duke of the portrait before which he and the listener stand.

Most are adorned with beautiful statuary, paintings, and elaborate reredos decorations behind the altar. What were the contributions of byzantine art and architecture.

The focal point of nearly every Lutheran church is the altar, which is located at the front of the church in the so-called chancel, which is reserved for clergy and their assistants.

In his analogy, one bedness form shares its own bedness — with all its shortcomings — with that of the ideal form, or template. Many Lutheran churches built during this period are notable for their elegant brass chandeliers and the oil portraits of clergy and bishops that line the walls.

Ekphrastic poetry is still commonly practised. One of the kind souls that helped me in my first months suggested that I go to see his friend who knows a lot about art and lives in Venice. Did I imagine that. This is because ekphrasis typically contains an element of competition with the art it describes, aiming to demonstrate the superior ability of words to "paint a picture".

Writing About Music is Like Dancing About Architecture

Unlike many other Protestant reformers, Martin Luther appreciated art and valued its use as an aid to religious devotion. A person's feelings when observing art is very hard to express in the written word. The Renaissance and Baroque periods made much use of ekphrasis.

It can provide a special angle of approach not usually brought to bear on the original. For something so apparently unwise many intelligent people seem to write, and write brilliantly, about music: When Phaeton gazes upon the temple of the sun, he sees the following carvings: Byzantine art is famous for its icons paintings made on woodenpanels which were often gilded coated with fine gold leaf orpowder frescoes a technique of mural painting we…re watercoloursare applied on freshly laid lime plaster and stunning stainedglass windows.

A third bedness, too, may share the ideal form. A major poem of the English Romantics — Ode on a Grecian Urn by John Keats — provides an example of the artistic potential of ekphrasis.

This was happening at a time when mosaics weredisappearing in Western Europe. In the Middle Ages, ekphrasis was less often practiced, especially as regards real objects, and historians of medieval art have complained that the accounts of monastic chronicles recording now vanished art concentrate on objects made from valuable materials or with the status of relicsand rarely give more than the cost and weight of objects, and perhaps a mention of the subject matter of the iconography.

From form to ekphrasis[ edit ] It was this epitome, this template of the ideal form, that a craftsman or later an artist would try to reconstruct in his attempt to achieve perfection in his work, that was to manifest itself in ekphrasis at a later stage.

Ten of the best: examples of ekphrasis

This is the third letter of Book II of the Epistles. Ekphrastic poetry[ edit ] This is a design of the Shield of Achilles based on the description in the Iliad. It was completed by Angelo Monticelli c.

The area underthe dome could be enlarged by building an apse to one side, as itwas done at the churches San Vitale in Ravenna Italy and SaintsSergius and Bacchus in Cairo Egypt. Just think about that. Lutheran churches built in Europe and the United States during the 19th century tended to be built in the neo-Gothic style that also was popular with many other denominations.

Later in the novel, another character, Hippolite, describes the painting at much length depicting the image of Christ as one of brutal realism that lacks any beauty or sense of the divine.

A lot of young artists from the four corners of the world come here to study and work, while the number of major NY art dealers expanded their businesses by opening new galleries in LA. One of them, Perry Rubenstein, gave me this response to my question about why he chose to come to LA: You know, when they got that new logo and Darren Levin took over and let everyone know just how Serious FL was.

The shield of Achilles features the following nine depictions: In the twentieth century many poets produced ekphrastic poems, and the vast majority of these concern actual, not imaginary works of art.

Where The Metaphor Fails | “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture”

Such virtues include the piety represented by the Cyclops during the forging of Zeus' thunderbolts. I may have quoted it, but I think Martin Mull coined that. MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question.

Poor Costello in October for Musician magazine: Writers on art for a wider audience produced many descriptions with great literary as well as art historical merit; in English John Ruskinboth the most important journalistic critic and popularizer of historic art of his day, and Walter Paterabove all for his famous evocation of the Mona Lisaare among the most notable.

Notes on Ekphrasis

Notes on Ekphrasis. Written by Alfred Corn Contributor Page: of using very great works of visual art as a subject for ekphrasis is that the comparison between the original and the poem about it may prove too unfavorable.

Readers may wonder why they should bother reading a moderately effective poem when they could instead look at the great. I wanted another go at Ekphrasis (writing inspired by works of art) It’s a funny word from the ancient Greeks that means writing inspired by works of art.

It’s like a riff in jazz, an improvisation, a spin-off story. dancing spirit, take a look at my beautiful daughter's jewelry designs at Love of Pretty. Home.

Ekphrasis “Description” in Greek. An ekphrastic poem is a vivid description of a scene or, more commonly, a work of art. Through the imaginative act of narrating and reflecting on the “action” of a.

A good analogy. A person's feelings when observing art is very hard to express in the written word. It's a spiritual thing that is very personal and. Others say the proper quote was “writing about music is like dancing about architecture” and it has been attributed to Frank Zappa, Elvis Costello, and Laurie Anderson.

Regardless, writing about art (or music) and dancing about architecture are wonderful ideas! But I’m a better writer than dancer. Ekphrasis or ecphrasis, comes from the Greek for the description of a work of art produced as a rhetorical exercise, often used in the adjectival form ekphrastic, is a vivid, often dramatic, verbal description of a visual work of art, either real or imagined.

Talking about Art is like Dancing about Architecture Ekphrasis writing about art is like dancing
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